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Join the team!

You can boost your professional experience by engaging with what you love at NeuroLife. Team players, innovators, and trailblazers are the kind of partners we value and seek for.

  • We have solid connections with one another 

  • We offer practical assistance to team members

  • We learn from our mistakes and from our successes

  • We talk openly, without prejudice views

  • Everyone has rights, but also obligations

When it comes to diagnosing and treating patients, our partner physicians are at the forefront of innovation, thanks to their access to cutting-edge technology.The attending physician may make the following declarations based on the nature of our partnership:

  • Join the on-call program

  • Joining the outpatient clinic program

  • Join the home-services program

We foster an inclusive workplace that values diversity and provides a secure space for employees to be themselves while also receiving recognition for their hard work, creativity, and originality.

  • Competitive Salaries and Performance Bonuses

  • Flexible hours / modes work

  • Continuous training and development

  • Support - Guidance - Organization in starting private practice

  • Participation in conferences and training seminars

Let's get to know each other

Contact us through the expression of interest form. View the positions that are currently open.

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